How It Works

We have created a platform that is fair to all parties and a win-win atmosphere for handling any size project.


  1. You register and set up your account with
  2. It is free to register with and create an account.
  3. You search for the service you are looking for and the freelancer you like.
  4. You choose the country that you want to find freelancers in.
  5. You may contact the Freelance/Seller through’s chat board but not direct. This is to protect the buyer and the seller, that only if the work gets completed to your satisfaction, they would get paid.
  6. Once you are ready to purchase a service, click on “Place Order” and pay using any major credit card or PayPal.
  7. You will pay for the services that you select plus a twenty percent (20%) licensing fee for using our platform. That is the only fee we make for bringing you worldwide freelancers at a great price!
  8. You will then submit a detailed description of your order for the Freelancer for them to start.
  9. Your payment is kept secured by until the work is completed by the Freelancer and to your 100% satisfaction.
  10. If you don’t approve the work, the Freelancer does not get paid yet. They only get paid upon your 100% approval.
  11. After your approval, the Freelancer releases the final files of the work to you via where you can download it at any time. We then pay the Freelancer.
  12. You also can tip a Freelancer if you wish to show your appreciation for their hard work.
  13. You will also have a chance to rate the Freelancer with 1-5 stars and also write comments about their work. This is very important because it keeps everyone working at their best!
  14. You will have your own account and can keep track of your projects and the freelancers you like.
  15. Contacting freelancers outside of is prohibited & you can get blacklisted from using the site. For the safety of both buyers and sellers, we prefer the use of our intelligent system which will give you great results every time.




  • You register and set up your account with
  • It is free to register with and create an account.
  • You have the option of creating 3 different price plans; Basic, Silver, Gold
  • You create your profile and attach photos and/or video of your work and build your ad platform and charge the fees you want for your services.
  • Contact information such as emails, phone numbers and websites are prohibited or you will be blacklisted from using the site.
  • We pay you 100% of your asking price for your services! We charge the buyer 20% for using our website.
  • Buyers will pay us and submit the description of their project and contact you through’s chat board and ask any questions.
  • You can except or deny any offer that you get from buyers.
  • Once you except an offer, they will provide all the requirements and you will have the time frame you provided in your ad to finish the work.
  • Once you have finished, you will let the buyer know to approve your work.
  • If they have no more revisions and they have accepted your final proof, then you will release the final files to them. The project is then completed. Any future changes will be paid as an extra to you.
  • They will then be asked to tip you and also provide a 1-5 star review with comments on your work.
  • We will release your payment to you in 14 days from your closing the job and delivering all required files to the buyer.
  • You cannot contact the buyer directly outside of, or risk losing your membership and good standing with or risk being black-listed and not be allowed to use our site in the future.
  • If you receive over 3 complaints within 1 monthly period, we will suspend your account until we have a chance to speak with you and examine why this is happening and give you a chance to improve. If it continues to happen the 2nd monthly period, we have the sole right to permanently suspend your account and from using our website.