Frequently Asked Questions

How to Start Selling Your Services on WeDoitCheaper ?

  • Create your seller profile.
  • Create your Gig with one or more display ads & show off some of your work.
  • Add a short video of your services.
  • Describe your various packages; Basic, Silver or Gold.
  • Upsell your gig with faster delivery time
  • Offer great support and be always be courteous to your customers.
  • Remember to always communicate with the customer via WeDoitCheaper and not through private emails or phone calls unless you have our written consent. Sellers that don’t keep this rule will not be allowed to continue working with WeDoitCheaper.
  • You will pay you 85% of the fees collected for your work and WeDoitCheaper keeps 15%.
  • To get started, click on the link below.